Internet Marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. Last year global online sales were $1 Trillion.

How much of that is sold by Internet Marketers and how can you get your share, I hear you ask ?

That’s where your marketing metrics come into play. You see, one of the biggest problems facing marketers wanting to free up time is that no one teaches marketing metrics and how much time that can save you. After all you don’t want to be stuck doing the boring jobs, and it doesn’t matter until you make sales, right ?

Very often marketers don’t track a few basic business figures each month, let alone try to forecast next month. Your accountant won’t do this for you either. Its up to you. Don’t leave it till you make sales because you’ll be too busy then.

And what are marketers good at ? Sales, not necessarily running a business. So business process and good IT practice is left behind. Speaking of which hacking is on the increase, makes sense because online sales are booming. So you need to protect yourself against this too.

Storing your account passwords in a spreadsheet is so 2010. One of this things I show you is how to store this in an encrypted in a software tool. This will ensure that you aren’t an easy target for hackers. These days laptop’s, hosting accounts, dropbox, facebook accounts, almost anything, gets hacked. And the main way hackers get in ? Passwords in spreadsheets and email.

Another tip I always share is the importance of backups. Dropbox does this for you and not only enables you to keep selling if your laptop dies  and to go back to previous versions of a file or a spreadsheet.

And please don’t aggravate you customers at purchase time. I show you tips to help speed you purchasing up. This helps your sales numbers and stops irate customer emails!

And to find out more about how you can laser focus your internet marketing efforts, watch my short video below.